L’astuce de Beyoncé pour un selfie parfait !

selfie de beyoncé

Le styliste de Beyoncé, Ty Hunter a trouvé un moyen de réussir un selfie en toutes circonstances. On vous en dis plus ! 

Ty-Hunter, styliste officiel de plusieurs célébrités dont Beyoncé vient de lancer la Ty-lite. Il s’agit d’une coque pour iphone 6/6S avec un choix de plusieurs flash en fonction de l’effet que l’on souhaite (froid, chaud, brillant).

Le styliste s’est confiée au magazine Glamour à ce sujet : « Un grand nombre de célébrités m’ont grandement remercié pour le Ty-Lite. Elles affirment qu’elles n’ont même plus besoin d’ajouter un filtre quand elles l’utilisent. »

Pour se procurer la coque magique, cliquez ici.

Ty-Lite’s Phone Case The Ty-Lite is a phone case for everyone due to its multifunctional features, benefiting anyone who owns a smartphone. It provides lighting while using the smartphone’s frontal-facing camera, while also acting as a protective case to the actual phone itself. The Ty-Lite is a LED lighted phone case that offers users three distinct light settings: Cool, Warm, and Brilliant to accommodate any light in any environment. With the Ty-Lite, smartphone users everywhere can capture moments through pictures, selfies, videos and even Facetime, without worrying about lighting. Users can also dim the brightness in each light setting to their preferred level of brightness. The Ty-Lite runs on its own battery so it doesn’t affect the phone’s battery life, and each charge usually lasts between two weeks and one month depending upon consumer usage. The functionality and quality of the Ty-Lite sets it apart from anything else on the market. Capture moments in your best light and order your Ty-Lite today! GET YOUR TY-LITE TODAY! Buy Now Link in Bio

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Beyonce’s stylist, Ty Hunter, created a new way to have the perfect selfie. It’s a phone case framed with LED lights. It’s features three different lighting settings to suit your mood; cool, warm and brilliant, assuring a flattering glow for all your selfie needs. If you want to have your own, click here.

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